What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the oldest form of integrated marketing collaterals. Although it is old but its importance has never get down. This is one of the favourite marketing platforms of many reputed companies.

If we get to know the right practices of Email Marketing we can save not only money but can make a great fortune in long run. 

Top 4 reasons why Email marketing is still effective internet marketing strategy:-

  1. Worldwide there are 80% of the companies practices a sound Email Marketing strategy for marketing their services and product.

  2. Almost 90% of the new bloggers are using this tool as a free tool to communicate their followers and customers. They do this because they rely on the stat, which says: Global email users are around 3.7 billion, in 2017 (Statista, 2018) and progressively growing year by year.

  3. Email marketing is the only platform which can give 30 times higher return on investment. That means for every $1 of spend on right email marketing strategy, you can expect an average return of $30 (Source: DMA, 2018).

  4. Almost 80% Small and Medium Business use email as their primary customer acquisition channel (Emarsys, 2018). It can give 80% of customer retention if practised strategically.

With all this, I want to bring your attention that doesn’t make mistake to ignore this marketing platform.

When I started using this platform, I was just known to Gmail. But gradually I learned many things about email marketing, various tools and their usage. Now, these are in my routine work. I’ll tell you everything that I know till date, but step by step.

I have covered my learning under flowing topics which has classified under three Levels. I wish you should go through all these levels. In case if you are known to any particular topic, you can skip that.