You landed here searching for how to learn BLOGGING. I’ll share my experiences and knowledge to assist you from where to begin.

Do you want to start your blog, to make money online? – Good choice.

But, can you really make good money in blogging?

How much money a pro blogger makes in a month?

A survey revealed that most bloggers earn less than $100 a month. Examples also exist where people are making more than $100,000. I know a person, who started earning 12000$ per month in less than two years.

So there is not a set rule to get success in blogging but there are few proven rules, which are being followed by the world’s top bloggers in the world. If you could understand how efficiently they practice those rules you can definitely make a good chunk of money through blogging.

In my digital marketing journey, I have met a lot of people and counsel a few of them. When I asked them, why they want to start a blog? or What do they expect against blogging?

In 90% of cases, they talk about money, but they were not sure about how much money they can make through blogging.

The correct answer to the question is as much as you can, but here is a serious condition, if you are really interested in blogging and want to take it forward – I want you, to ask the following question from yourself and decide your path wisely.

Why do you want to blog?

If it is money in return, then how much money would be enough for you through blogging? Nothing comes for free so, what in return you are ready to give against your will?

What if you did not achieve your goal in the estimated timeline?

The above questions are equally applicable to any goal you dreamed of. Here it is for your blogging career.

I suggest, take some time and try to find a solid answer to these questions. Once you get these answers you are ready to begin.

Now, if you do not get success for some time, even then you will keep blogging and finally reach your goal. But if you have not taken these questions seriously and skip this step, there are chances that any negative response against your efforts can break your journey and you quit blogging so take the above step seriously.

Now let me motivate you – Do you know how much money you can make through blogging? As a start-up, you can easily start making $1000 or more money in just a few months. For that, you have nothing much to do but go through step by step process as I tell you.

My intention to create this blog is to help all of you who are in need of such information. Considering all my riders who are just beginners, I have tried to start this from the very basics and gradually I will cover everything that you need to know about blogging.

Let’s start with the basics…

What is a Blog?

A blog is the short form of the term “weblog”. When you go online and write something on the internet that termed as weblog = web + blog. This is none other than a short form of an article published over the internet.

But in the traditional sense – A blog is informative content written in any language, focusing to deliver a message about the content to the reader.

Website – Business + Products / Services

What are the types of Blogs?

A blog could be of 3 types –

  1. 1) Personal Blog

Your opinion about anything, Poem, etc. Nowadays social media is a better platform to share personal blogs. People get more interaction with your content on social media platforms rather than on any website.

  1. 2) Niche Blog

Bikers, Cars reviews, Mobile technology, etc. are examples are some niche blogs. These blogs are written to target a specific audience only.

  1. 3) Corporate Blog

Companies use it to share their news bulletin and build awareness.

My focus is to make you understand Niche Blogging.

Those who adopted blogging as a professional choice keep posting new content regularly. We named them “Blogger” and the act of regular blog posting is called “blogging”.

Here I’ve tried to cover everything under the following heads.



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