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How to become a successful blogger

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If you are interested in knowing how to become a successful blogger that means you have already started your blog and now you are looking to find smart ways that could help you become a successful star blogger.

Do you believe, a single blog which you are planning to write today has equal potential that it could bring you out of your debt, can gift you a royal car in few years, or even can pay your brand new home EMI every month…may seem impossible as of now but it can be true. 

There are popular blogs and bloggers which is making a lack of dollars in a month from a single post. I don’t want to raise your expectation much higher but want to show you the potential of your blogging career.

Neither I expect that you can generate such money through your single post (*as of now) but I’m sure you can make some portion of that from your current blog.

And eventually, in the coming future, the amount which you would be making through blogging will increase.

How it could be true? It took me a while to write on this topic.

I was thrill with the thought that whatever I have learned so far in my blogging journey, I’m going to cover all of those under the following key points.

Also, I want to bring it, to your notice that all the steps that I would be covering here, need time and are equally important. No step is skippable.

7 Steps to becoming a successful blogger

To become a successful blogger you need to cover all of these on a regular basis. Practicing these steps on regular basis would increase your efficiency and speed.

Step 1. Read More – To become a star blogger

How to become a successful blogger - Habit 1 Read More

Success is no accident and it is true for a successful blogger as well. Whether you like it or not but it needs your time and effort.

You need to adopt a habit of reading.

You can read anything whatever you want, as per your liking and interest. But, read it in a manner to gain as much as it is possible for you.

Try to read between the lines, observe the style of other professional writers. Adopt their vocabs and way of presentation.

Keep a note ready with you while writing and jot down any interesting point you like to incorporate in your blog.

If you have an interest in reading about your blogging niche that is going to give you the best result within your efforts.

Make a habit of reading something new every day. To make the maximum of your reading time, you need to read slow and avoid any disturbance.

Step 2. Wisely Choosing The Topics – To become a star blogger

How to become a successful blogger - Step 2 Choose wise topics

Every single day more than 2 millions of the post are being live with a hope that they would gain the attention of the online readers.

But, only a few of them have become popular and a few of them keep struggling hard to come on the first page of search engines.

Let me make it simple for you.

You don’t need a revolutionary idea to write a blog but the way you write that blog should be unique in its way.

You should be focused on something specific and going in-depth to unveil every possible thing about that.

Now coming to the practical problem.

When you are ready with few topics and made your mind to analyze these topics, you should ask yourself –

  • Whether you enjoy learning about the topic? and
  • Would others be interested in that topic?

To get the answer to the second question you need to do a little research.

Search on Google, you need to find the relevant and specific words and avoid generic words.

As in the above case, the search result of Hosting word is very high. But it is a generic word which you need to avoid.

If you are planning to write for WordPress hosting then “best WordPress hosting in 2019” would be the more specific topic to write, which has 184,000,000 searches. 

It is a long-tail keyword that I’ve covered in another post.

How to become a successful blogger - Step 2 - Wisely choosing the topics

If your answer is ‘Yes’ for both the questions, be happy take a deep breath and start.

Step 3. Write everyday

This is the most crucial part of the game. If you are determined to achieve success, you need to make a habit of writing something meaning on every single day…initially for a few months.

How much time you need to keep for writing is up to your efficiency and your goal. There is no set rule for it.

But, it is true that every hour you devote to your blog is going to count one more step ahead toward becoming a successful blogger.

When you are set for writing, here are some basic tips to plan your content.

Make sure, when you are writing you are away from all disturbance.

Start with planning. First, plan the architecture of the post. What you are going to write make in points and divide them into subheadings (*h2, h3, etc.).

This approach would make a frame of your content and never let you go out of the track.

Once you started, go with the flow and keep writing as much as you can, leave the editing part for later.

Step 4. Proofread & Editing

When we are done with writing, it’s time for a break.

Get out of your thinking zone. Go and roam around, interact with people, play, or do whatever you like. After a couple of hours when you come back its the time for editing and proofreading.
When you start reading your content again. You would fee to make some correction, something to add, something to cut, whatever just do that.
Editing and proofreading both are different. To become a successful blogger it is not necessary to have a deep understanding of these two words. 
But, you should be aware that how to make your content more meaningful for your audience. 
Please make sure whatever you have written that should:-
1) Be error-free and grammatically correct.
2) Be delivering your sense not only words to your readers
3) Cut extra stuff that has no meaning for your readers (*nobody is interested in reading nonsense stuff)
4) Improve the tonality of your sentences
5) Use active voice to keep the sentences small and easy to understand etc.
6) Use H1, H2, H3, etc. headings as per the SEO recommendation

Step 5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

To become a successful blogger following steps are much more important, it should come in your routine practices.

Once you are ready with the article it’s time to improve your content using a search engine-friendly approach. 

5 Search Engine Optimization actions to make your blog SEO friendly

1) Use proper heading tags (*H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.) in your content

2) Write an effective title that could pull the interest of your reader

3) Making the best out of your description tag – It is not only the title that should be effective but the description tag is one more opportunity to impress your readers to click on your website link.

4) Use proper use of the focused keyword tag. This tag is really important as it tells Google that this piece of content is based on your focused keyword theme.

For eg, In one blog post, you have talked about – Good Content writing, Use of tools to improve your content, Image optimization, etc.

Now the Google will be confused about which category this post to indexed. Here comes the role of focused keywords – you can tell Google that your post is about “Post optimization”.

This word will tell Google that your post is based on optimizing your post and It will index it in that particular category.

The Focused keyword tag is effective in that situation when you covered diversified topics in a single post.

But, if your entire content is based on one keyword, for eg. if your post is based on How to use the W3 Cache Plugin to improve the load time of your website.

5) Using Alt+Tag for your post image, to tell Google that the image is all about

Step 6. Sharing

  • – Reach people
  • – Social Sharing Helping Tools – Reduce your efforts

Step 7. Monitor your Growth – Mandatory to grow faster

  • Google Analytics – blog growth
  • Buzz Somo – social growth

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