What is Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Model - Graphical representaton

What is Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most familiar terms for bloggers and internet marketers who are in the field of Internet Marketing for a long time. For bloggers and digital influencers, this is one of the main sources of online income. But affiliate marketing is not restricted to these digital marketers only, I mean it is not mandatory to have sound digital knowledge to become Affiliate Marketers. Even a person with an average knowledge of internet marketing can become an Affiliate Marketer and earn a good chunk of money. But if you really want to be successful in this field, you need to increase your knowledge gradually.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the wireframe of affiliate marketing. Let me try to make it interesting and simple for you.

Affiliate Marketing Model

In simple words, affiliate marketing is none other than the traditional form of marketing in a new shell. In the traditional form of marketing, companies share their profits with those who sell their products. If your recommendation is generating sales for companies like Amazon, mantra, eBay etc. then they share their profits with you for that particular product. Affiliate marketing can easily be understood by going through the below step by step guide.

Before we start further, let’s clear the concept first.

  1. Unlike traditional marketing, wherein salespeople roam around to sell their products, affiliate marketing is fully based on the internet, where nobody ( neither buyers, sellers nor promoters) has to go offline. i.e, a complete process of purchase and sales exercise is done online only.
  2. E-commerce companies like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba etc. allows you, to register with them as an affiliate marketer with an online agreement, and then they will provide you with a unique affiliate marketing code. Remember, different companies use different names for this code, don’t get confused.
  3. To understand that which product is sold through your recommendations seller websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart etc. track that affiliate code and get to know that sales have been recommended by you only.

Let’s see step by step guide:

  1. To find out what are the best platforms (e-commerce website) to join as an affiliate marketer, read my next blog.
  2. Get register with these e-commerce websites by filling up an affiliate marketer form and submitting your bank details to receive your commission.
  3. After successful signup, you will get your affiliate marketing code.
  4. Attach this code with the products you want to recommend online.
  5. Recommend the products on your website/social profile etc.
  6. Once the purchase is done you would directly receive a commission for that sale.

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