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Dear Contributors! Thank you for contacting us. We are glad to see you here.

We promote the new writers and encourage them by offering this professional platform to share their experiences and knowledge about our digital marketing niche.

Here at Digitalcuriosity.in, you will get the chance to promote your name and brand by interacting with readers who are interested in your information.

We value our readers and they come on this website to get something meaningful that’s why we want to deliver authentic, informative content which can be understood easily.

Primarily we accept Informative posts, videos, tutorials, tips & tricks, latest tech news, product reviews, how-to articles about – SEO, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Youtube Marketing, etc. In short everything related to digital marketing.

Any individual contributor can write for us, any number of articles. It completely depends on you.

DigitalCuriosity.in – “Write for US” – In 4 easy steps

  1. Check our blog to know about our niche (*we are in the Digital Marketing niche)
  2. Check the guideline whether you are expecting something which we don’t offer against your contribution
  3. Select the topic from the list below to write an article. We accept posts only on the topics related to our niche.
  4. Once you get the content written send us to publish the same, with the expectation that it may take some time to revert on your submission

Guidelines for DigitalCuriosity.in – Guest Post Submission

Read the guidelines as stated below before submitting the article. We don’t pay to our contributors, but we spread their work to our audience. We may also, promote your article on our social media pages. Here are some quick points to look after –

  1. We prefer posts relevant to our niche – Digital Marketing
  2. The post should be a minimum of 1000+ words long.
  3. Please ensure the article must be free from the grammar error and specially written for DigitalCuriosity.in
  4. Original and 100% unique and fresh content (*we strictly adhere to this point). The article must be original and have not been published anywhere else.
  5. Once your article is published on our website, you cannot use it anywhere else to re-publish.
  6. If images are sourced, mention the source.
  7. No affiliate or promotional links in the article
  8. You can place relevant 1 outbound link in the content body and 1 in the author bio.
  9. Cover image & internal images (with no company logo)
  10. We reserve the right to edit, update and delete the article to meet the requirement of the post.
  11. As we stated earlier, we do not give any compensation to the writer for guest post submission but we promote their work through our blow to gain more traffic for their own blogs.
  12. We also accept info-graphics. For submitting Info-graphics please write 300 to 400 words as an intro to explain the info-graphics.
  13. You can send the article in a word file or google doc format, whichever is best suited to you, but no PDF document.
Ideal guidelines for Write for us

What will you get against your guest post submission at DigitalCuriosity.in – Write for us

  1. We at DigitalCuriosity.in offers you a platform to raise your acquaintance to the people who are interested in technology.
  2. We would help you to generate good referral traffic from our blog to your website by allowing you to backlink your pages.
  3. We regularly share our guest posts across our social network which will also eventually boost your website traffic.
  4. In simple words, we would build your interaction with our audiences, who come on our websites and social media platforms that will result in more traffic to your website.

Topics for “Write for Us”

We are a digital marketing blog and we are interested in all the topics which are directly related to digital marketing. Considering the interest of our readers as of now, we are accepting the topics as mentioned below. Please look at these and select only those which you can connect the most.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Tricks and techniques
  • Email Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Blogging 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing – Product Reviews
  • Make Money Online through Digital Marketing –
  • Digital tricks and techniques

Important Note for ‘Write for Us’

Sometimes we get so many queries about “Write for Us” and it becomes difficult to respond to every inquiry. That is why we request you to keep patience. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We encourage you to write for us but at the same time, we are also strict to spammers. So we have made the guideline above to raise the possibility of your work to be published in our site. Please adhere to the above guidelines.

Which article we don’t accept under “Write for Us”

Dear contributor, we don’t accept totally promotional content, fake reviews, plagiarised, low-quality articles, please don’t send us these kinds of articles.

We would like to work with real people, not with SEO agencies. Please let us understand your intention before sending ur your article. That will save your time and our too.

How to Submit the Article for Guest Post on DigitalCuriosity.in

If you read our guidelines and agreed to it, you can pitch to your idea through digitalcuriosity.in@gmail.com. Please mention enough information in the mail so that we can judge that the topic which you are proposing is fit for our blog or not. If not then we will suggest you accordingly. When you receive our revet, you can start writing according to the suggestions.

Many times it has been seen that people don’t write enough information in their pitch and keep waiting for the revert. When we ask them to explain their topic then they share another mail.

This practice is a waste of time for all of us. So I’m pasting one sample post below, to guide you what we expect in your guest post pitch.

Ideal Guest post Pitch IMG

Disclaimer: DigitalCuriosity.in doesn’t endorse or support views presented by guest authors.