Social Media a smart way of advertising

Social Media a smart way of advertising


Once I heard someone saying that a person may not be social but his online world is more social. That actually drove me to think as a digital marketer that this platform is really something that can’t be ignored.

As in the world of digital marketing, social media is more than a boon for brand awareness or running any ad campaign. Social media platform actually provides you the mainstream customer database that every marketer struggles for.

It’s various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, give you direct connectivity with your required or targeted customers, anytime, anywhere. Let see how it actually goes on.

Social Media a smart way of advertising - Which platform to choose


This is one of the vast social media platforms (thanks to Mark Zuckerberg). More than 80% of the people are connected with it, providing you very high chances of brand awareness through the ads. But there are certain limitations like it displays only pictures or video ads with a limitation of only 20% text. So here you have to play smart to say more in very fewer words.


Over here you will get around 54% of the people connected with their professional profiles. But remember post your ads only if product or service is associated with the corporate world, as running ads over here is comparatively expensive otherwise platform is the best idea for your campaigns, as you can directly filter your customers with the specific type of companies or associated department.


Basically Instagram is meant only for the picture or video ads. If your ad campaigns need to show the pictures or videos for your product or services, Instagram is the media. But make sure that it’s like a poster or video screen, no contents or blogs allowed..!


Make your video channel and get going. As per the survey around 45% of people are engaged on youtube. More than television youtube is comparatively less expensive and much customized. It gives you the chance to choose and track your viewership for the display.

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