Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is just an arrangement through which a product or service owner pays commission to any outsider who refers to their products or services. The commission type can be a traffic commission or sales commission, that depends upon the agreement between an affiliate (refer) and product owner.

In other words, Affiliate Marketing is a kind of performance-based reward program. Where an affiliate generates the sales of any particular product by his marketing efforts and gets the commission. This creates a win-win situation for both, for affiliates and for business owners too.

Can you make money learning Affiliate Marketing process?

When I was working in corporate, I have used many products that were referred by my colleagues. I have not made a single penny neither they have made any money against their efforts. 

We have promoted the products but none of us made any money. It’s been two years now and the contribution of Affiliate Marketing in my total income is 60%.

How I started making this money through an affiliate program is not a big challenge, I have just learned referring the right product to the right customer.

Like me, making a six-figure income in a month is the cup of your tea just stay with me. I’m going to share my Affiliate knowledge in the following chapters. I suggest you, to go through these chapters and if you already know the topic you can skip to the next. I assure you if you could adopt the knowledge that I have shared here, very soon you would be making money through Affiliate Marketing.


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